May 25, 2017

According to a new article from Loss Prevention Media, research and experience show that retailers, healthcare, financial institutions, and other commercial establishments find traditional locks and keys unwieldy, difficult to integrate with furniture, and costly to install, maintain and use. These issues may seem minor, but they can have a major effect on business efficiency.

Fortunately, there is now an electronic access control system that can be hidden from view. Some locks can be integrated with cabinet drawer slides or installed as in cabinet doors. No electrical or wiring expertise is needed. Plug-and-play components can be incorporated with new or existing cabinets and complement other security solutions, such as alarm or video surveillance systems.

The benefits of cabinet-level electronic access control systems can add up quickly. Technologies continue to advance, bringing the promise of expanding functions and applications to any commercial establishment that needs to both protect and readily access valuable contents.

Businesses that capitalize on the emerging trend stand to capture a critical competitive edge in terms of loss prevention and efficiency—both good for the bottom line.

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