Partnership, Announced at JCK Las Vegas, Reflects Growing Popularity  Of Cabinet-Level Access Control Solution for Retail Jewelers

SANTA FE SPRINGS, California, May 31, 2019 Senseon® Secure Access, exhibiting in Booth 59110 at JCK Las Vegas, today announced that its partnership with Joseph Jewelry has helped the upscale retailer elevate its already-exceptional customer experience while strengthening security.

The Seattle-area jeweler’s migration from traditional locks and keys to Senseon’s cabinet-level access control system exemplifies why Senseon is quickly gaining momentum in the retail jewelry sector.

Joseph Jewelry has built its reputation on “giving a seamless customization experience to customers” and using advanced technology, such as 3D printing to design rings, says store manager Anthony Hoag. These distinctions span every touchpoint and guide merchandise, showcase and store design.

When Joseph Jewelry recently opened a new store in Seattle, it sought a streamlined, 21st-century way to control access to its showcases and turned to Senseon to do so.

“Observing the customer experience in our existing store, in Bellevue, Washington, we found that a customer commonly considers jewelry designs from multiple showcases, requiring a sales associate to open many cases during a customer’s visit. This process had our associates fumbling for the right keys, struggling to open and close locks, and constantly unlocking and relocking cases,” says Hoag. “Employees were burdened, customers were frustrated while waiting, and we risked theft from unlocked cases.”

“Senseon has met every need for our new store,” Hoag says. “The Senseon system pairs nicely with how we feel about our customers and technology. We’re so pleased that we’re now looking at installing Senseon in our Bellevue showcases, too.”

Hoag says Seattle customers are wowed when an employee opens a case by simply tapping a radio-frequency identification (RFID) key card over a lock that customers can’t see. In addition, Senseon makes access programming easy and customizable, and Hoag particularly appreciates a feature that relocks cases automatically after a designated time to protect against the chance of theft.

“Joseph Jewelry is part of a trend of retail jewelers increasingly turning to Senseon to enhance the customer experience and upgrade security,” says Sid Kalantar, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Senseon. “Our engineers have designed a system that is tailored to meet jewelry stores’ critical needs to serve customers efficiently in an attractive environment while robustly protecting valuable merchandise.”


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