September 1, 2017

Interior and Sources invited Senseon’s Greg Rewers in for an interview on the new Senseon Secure Access System. Greg was honored to participate and help highlight some of the exciting features of the Senseon Secure Access System.

As noted in the article, “The new Senseon Secure Access Control System is an invisible, electronic lock security access system. Utilizing radio-frequency identification (RFID), the system delivers enhanced security, reliability, and efficiency when compared to traditional lock-and-key systems.”

Additionally, Senseon is an easily programmable commercial-grade program that offers simple installation and use. The system can adapt to any business needs, with no integration or modification to existing security in place. In addition, with several modular components, Senseon requires no electrical or wiring knowledge. Four options are offered: 5EL for sliding doors; 10EL, with a low profile for retrofitting existing cabinetry; 3135ECEL, an undermount drawer slide; and 38TREL, a touch-release, side-mount drawer slide.

Click here for Greg’s full interview.