June 30, 2017

As noted in a new article from FM Link, Senseon, the award-winning, smart successor to traditional locks and keys, showcased its hidden, cabinet-level, electronic locking system at NeoCon 2017 commercial interiors show earlier this month in Chicago.

Senseon, the Retail Technology Solutions award winner in the 2017 GlobalShop Product Design Competition sponsored by the International Interior Design Association (IIDA), was recognized for its product design advancements in innovation, function, and aesthetics.

Senseon is engineered to provide a more effective, efficient and attractive way to protect high-value inventory while enhancing the customer experience in virtually any commercial environment.

Senseon integrates seamlessly with cabinetry of nearly any design, shape, size or construction, including display cases. Under-mount, side-mount and stand-alone options are available. The recently introduced 10EL electronic lock allows simple retrofitting of an existing cabinet for Senseon use. Senseon technical experts work with their clients from start to finish to ensure the right solution for a project.

These are just a few of the features highlighted in the article. Click here for more.

Source: https://fmlink.com/articles/neocon-2017-senseon-electronic-locking-system/