November 21, 2017

In a new article for Centurion Jewelry, Sid Kalantar of Senseon Secure Access lays out how retailers can prevent theft this holiday season.

Sid advises taking these five steps to show thieves the door:

1. Put technology to work. Add smash-proof glass; employ auto-relocking showcase doors and cabinet drawers; and install an access control system that eliminates metal keys, visible locks, keyholes and key management issues.

2. Track inventory. Use small radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags and etch information on jewelry to monitor its movement by salespeople. Inventory every piece of merchandise at day’s end, and shut down stores if any items are missing.

3. Empty your cases. Remove all merchandise from display cases overnight. The alternative of leaving cases stocked and draping them is a foolish giveaway.

4. Require employee vigilance. Provide extra incentives for employee vigilance. By doing so, you will promote a culture of honesty and transparency.

5. Enhance training. Train temporary employees and retrain permanent employees—even longtime employees—about both the need to be mindful and alert at all times and ways to do it.

Yet, the best option of all may be the Senseon system. This “smart” successor to the traditional lock-and-key systems for cabinetry and casework, is ideally suited for retail jewelry stores. This keyless, hidden, electronic secure access locking system uses patented radio-frequency identification (RFID) to provide greater security and efficiency while enhancing the customer experience for increased sales.

For more tips on preventing theft, read the full article here.