More Than a Lock: Senseon Plus with Audit Trail Software Sets a New Standard for Cabinet-Level Security

SANTA FE SPRINGS, California, March 20, 2020 – Senseon®, creator of intelligent cabinet-level access control systems, announces the launch of Senseon Plus with audit trail software. This new system combines the robust functionality of Senseon electronic locks with a powerful cloud-based subscription software to increase security while gaining access to important operations data.

Senseon Plus brings innovative access control of cabinet doors and drawers to the next level with advanced features, including dual authorization, discrete access, and alarm/alert functionality.

The system incorporates an easy-to-use handheld programmer that allows system administrators to securely manage user permissions, program advanced security features, and collect audit trail data.

“Senseon Plus adds powerful capabilities and insights to any sized operation,” said Sid Kalantar, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Senseon.

Central to these capabilities is the Senseon Plus audit trail software – an innovative cloud-based platform that provides in-depth reports tailored to specific business needs.

Senseon Plus Audit Trail Software

The cloud-based audit trail software allows you to access uploaded data anytime and anywhere.

Kalantar continued, “Senseon Plus is a valuable tool for increasing productivity and efficiency, while simultaneously setting a new standard for access control at the cabinet level.”

Benefits of using the Senseon Plus system’s audit trail capabilities include:

  • Actionable Intelligence – The system provides data businesses can act on, including revealing cabinet access information. These details and other information generated by Senseon Plus can then be used to make sound decisions in a variety of business environments.
  • Readily Available Compliance Data – Information collected by Senseon Plus reports can be used to quantify productivity and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements in healthcare, finance, and retail dispensary environments.
  • Informed Analysis for Forensic Investigations – Thanks to Senseon Plus, both asset protection personnel and security professionals can streamline investigations if theft occurs. The system facilitates the process of correlating data with surveillance footage after a security breach.

Kalantar also emphasized the accessibility of the software.

“This is a cloud-based software that allows data to be accessed anywhere, anytime,” Kalantar said. “Plus, the data is encrypted to ensure secure transfers.”

Thanks to its adaptability, Senseon Plus software benefits a variety of markets – including retail, healthcare, and finance.

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About Senseon

Senseon® is the only smart-access security solution with native integration for drawers, slides, and cabinets. As an innovation of Accuride® International, the world’s foremost manufacturer of drawer slide technology, the company understands cabinet-level access like no one else.  

Featuring a reinforced locking system, wireless RFID access, and data-driven intelligence, the Senseon system is the future-proof security solution for home and business owners who want full control.

Since 2011, Senseon has been pushing the boundaries of technology. The company’s goal is to help clients reimagine what’s possible.